2018 CRS Frame Set 52S Red & White
2018 CRS Frame Set 52S Red & White

The CRS is the new entry-level carbon frame form Colnago. Its monocoque design was conceived in full respect of the philosophy gained through over sixty years of experience designing the most successful bikes in the world It can boast of cutting-edge technical solutions and the latest designs. The CRS was created to meet the demands of cyclist looking for a high quality product without compromise. Internal cable-routing, and other features, easily stack up aesthetically against higher-end products.

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Product Details

Retail Price: £1,499.95

Additional Details

Brand Colnago
Braking Rim
Brand Name Colnago
Colour Red
Colour White
Colour Code CRRW
Geo Sloping
Model Year 2018
Shifting Electronic
Shifting Mechanical
Size 52S