BLS-110 - Sniper LED Front Light (Black)-TF>
BLS-110 - Sniper LED Front Light (Black)-TF>
  • 1200 lumen lightweight and compact USB rechargeable headlight.
  • 2 powerful XML-U2 CREE LED.
  • 4 modes: Super beam, high beam, standard beam and low beam.
  • Water-resistant aluminium casing with Airflow Cooling System (ACS) for optimum heat control.
  • The light is protected against overheating. It automatically will dim when the temperature goes above 85°Cand will light up again when the temperature is at normal operating temperature.
  • Rubber enclosed water-resistant multifunctional switch provides direct and responsive activation and is used as power indicator , indicating empty battery (red light) and light On (blue light).
  • Easy mounting by angle adjustable TightFix bracket firs on both standard and oversized handlebar diameters.
  • Can be mounted on a helmet with special HelmetMOunt bracket (BLS-70).
  • Samsung high quality lithium (2×18650, 2600mAh, 3.7V) batteries can be charged/discharged up to 300 times without noticeable performance loss.
  • Charging time is typically 6 hours by a USB 1A charger or PC USB port charge.
  • The system is protected against short circuits, overcharging and total discharge.
  • 1A charger with power plug included.
  • Remote switch included, for switching modes without removing your hands from the handles.
  • 350mm length.
  • Weight: 210g
  • Size: 115×43×30mm
  • colour: Black/Gold.

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Retail Price: £189.95

Additional Details

Brand BBB
Brand Name BBB
Colour Black
Output 1200lm