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All Elivar products have been specifically designed to help 35+ sports people achieve their goals. We understand people like that, because we are people like that. We participate in marathons, cycle sportives, triathlons and open water swim events as you probably do. We've teamed up with world class nutritionists and food scientists to develop Elivar for people who want to keep on enjoying their spots and performing as well as they possible can.

We've produced unique products with lower glycaemic index (GI) sugars, a sophisticated mix of slow-burn carbohydrate and a rich supply of protein, all of which support the kind of physiology you have now. The range consists of 3 dilute-to-taste formulations for pre, during and post training. Prepare and Recover are available in Chocolate and Strawberry flavour, Endure in a choice of Orange and Mango or Watermelon flavour and Hydrate Plus in Orange Juice flavour. The range is available in 900g tubs and single serve sachets.


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