Ohlins TXC1Air XC MTB Rear Shock


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Ohlins TXC1Air XC MTB Rear Shock

Experience the next level of precision and control with our new TXC1Air shock, purpose-built for the most extreme short-travel XC bikes. Based on Öhlins' TTX damping technology, the TXC1Air provides unrivalled small bump sensitivity and wheel traction, giving you the confidence to ride faster and push the limits of your MTB.

Developed for the most extreme short-travel XC bikes with Trunnion mounts, the TXC1Air Trunnion shock sets a new standard in precision and control.

Slim end-eye design

Thanks to its slim end-eye design, the TXC1Air Trunnion is perfect for tight fitments and bikes that require a smaller air chamber. This also makes the shock lighter than its larger counterpart, the TXC2Air Trunnion, which is suitable for bikes with a less progressive linkage.

Remote-enabled controls

Equipped with remote-enabled controls, the TXC1Air Trunnion offers three dynamic ride modes: open, pedal, and lockout. Taking advantage of both high-speed and low-speed compression, these ride modes are designed to match the ride modes of the RXC34 m.1 front fork, maximizing your performance across any terrain. Experience the ultimate efficiency while descending, pedalling, climbing, and sprinting on your bike.

Our remote connection is designed for 7.5 mm of wire pull per position. This means you can use the shock with remote levers from other top brands. And for those seeking even more versatility, we offer an adapter—designed for 5.5 mm of wire pull per click—that enables compatibility with the DT Swiss remotes used by Team BMC Racing.

Race proven TTX technology

Throughout the R&D process, we tested a number of technologies, focusing on optimal suspension performance for XCO and technical tracks. The TXC1Air incorporates Öhlins' race proven TTX twin-tube technology for superior small bump sensitivity and enhanced traction on challenging cross-country tracks, giving you a smoother, more controlled ride every time.

The damper design, featuring a serial shim stack, further boosts efficiency in the open mode, helping you to maintain your momentum and build speed when you're actively pushing over natural or man-made rollers.

Öhlins XC system

As part of the Öhlins XC suspension system, the TXC1Air Trunnion boasts a rider-friendly system to adjust air spring progressiveness and stroke. With our race proven setting bank, you'll be able to fine-tune the shock to your unique riding style and bike linkage.

Our new XC suspension products were developed in parallel, with the front forks and rear shocks designed to match each other for an optimal balance on the bike. Whether you're a seasoned pro, weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, the combination of the TXC1Air Trunnion and the RXC34 m.1 fork will give you a level of confidence-inspiring performance that's equally at home on the Olympic stage and your local trails.


  • Hydraulics optimized for XC racing with serial shim stacks.
  • 3 ride modes developed and tested to save seconds on the racetrack.
  • Rider-friendly volume spacer system to adjust air spring progressiveness.
  • Reducers can easily be installed to adjust stroke.
  • Lighter, slimmer, and more progressive.
  • Remote connection, compatible with systems pulling 7.5 mm of wire per click.
  • Adapter available for manual controls and systems pulling 5.5 mm of wire per click.
  • 12 clicks of rebound.
  • Trunnion mount.
  • 165 x 40 mm.
  • Weight from 245 g.

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