The Key to Success

As a passionate bicycle maker in Taiwan, Father Hsiao was busy with his profession every day. His great knowledge of materials and parts and the lack of presence of good tools, led him to develop special bicycle tools. Because of the success he had with that, he started to develop his own company under the name Lifu into a renowned factory that quickly supplied the whole world with smart, high-quality and affordable bicycle tools. After this successful start, his son Alex and his wife Joyce have expanded the business to what it is today and are currently putting a complete and well thought-out program tool under the name Icetoolz on the market. Whether you need to repair your bike with a pedal key, a crank puller or a multitool, if you take a product from Icetoolz, you still feel a bit of the passion of father Hsiao from 40 years ago. Enjoy the bike while cycling, but also during a repair or maintenance together with Icetoolz - the key to success.

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