Morgan Blue

The Morgan Blue story began in 1994 when Nick Vandecauter, at the time mechanic for the Lotto team, asked car and farm businesses oils manufacturer Morgan Oils to produce oils for bikes.

After extensive testing of these samples, they were fine-tuned, and Morgan Oils started exclusively sponsoring the Belgian Lotto and French Casino team. Then came a chain cleaner. By adding certain additives, the degreaser turned blue and before long, "Morgan Blue" became the new company name.

At that point Morgan Blue decided to start opening the products up for distribution, and over the years, the range of maintenance products for the bike extended. In 2005, Morgan Blue introduced massage products to offer the complete performance cycling package.

Today, the range boasts exceptional quality products that are made in-house, in Belgium, across lubricants, greases, cleaning, massage and maintenance products. Morgan Blue is also trusted by many of the professional cycling teams, so much so that 60% of the chains and over 20% of legs on the World Tour are covered in Morgan Blue oil.

In 2022, Morgan Blue is official partner to Movistar, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl, AG2R Citroen, Cofidis and Arkea Samsic teams just to name a few.

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