ANVL Swage Alloy MTB Stem V2 Molten Orange



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ColourLengthClampStock SSP
Orange32mm35.0mm0 £69.99
Orange40mm35.0mm1 £69.99
Orange50mm35.0mm0 £69.99

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ANVL Swage Alloy MTB Stem V2 Molten Orange

The Swage stem is an aggressive all mountain stem that is designed to be lightweight, extremely strong and flow perfectly with the lines of today's modern mountain bike. Every chamfer and cutout not only creates a beautiful stem but also cuts out any unnecessary weight to make it race ready. Available in three sizes to create that perfect cockpit feel, the Swage features a 35mm bar bore that is extremely torsionally stiff and mates up perfectly to our Mandrel bars.

MATERIAL:6061 Alloy Full CNC
LENGTH:32, 40, 50mm
WEIGHT:120, 135, 155g

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