BBB DiscStop HP Coolfin Organic Brake Pads [BBS-561C]


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BBB DiscStop HP Coolfin Organic Brake Pads [BBS-561C]

Innovative design with cooling fins for optimal heat dissipation

  • DiscStop Coolfin Disc Brake pads.
  • New organic compound for maximum durability and better braking power.
  • Modular and sustainable design with separate coolfins and replaceable brake pads.
  • Spare brake pads separately available.
  • Compatibility: Shimano: Dura-Ace R9270, R9170, R9100, Ultegra R8170, R8070, 105 R7070, Tiagra R4770, GRX RX810, RX400, Metrea U5000, XT M8110-R, SLX M7110-R, RS805, RS505, RS405, RS305.

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