BBB E-Strike Pro 2000 Front LED Light [BLS-242E]


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BBB E-Strike Pro 2000 Front LED Light [BLS-242E]

Ensure you're always highly visible in the city or in the forest. Both models (600 and 2000 lumens) feature specially designed light beams for optimal use in the environment. Easy to attach and the lights are compatible with GoPro system.

  • Specifically designed for use with ebikes.
  • Can be connected directly to the ebike motor battery with the included cable.
  • The Pro 2000 features an oval beam to illuminate the sides.
  • Suitable for ebike systems with a voltage of 6-12V and a power of 6-18W.
  • When the lamp is off, the YSB-C port can also be used as a charging point for you phone, for example.
  • Three different modes can be controlled on the light and via the included wireless remote control.

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