BBB Innertube 18" × 1.75 - 2.125" Dunlop [BTI-18]


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BBB Innertube 18" × 1.75 - 2.125" Dunlop [BTI-18]

BBB innertubes are made of durable long-lasting butyl rubber compound. Seamless to prevent the innertubes from leaking air and keep air pressure for a long time. Air chamber wall-thickness of 0.87mm. Thick enough for extra puncture resistance and thin enough to spare you the extra weight.

Presta Valves (FV)

This French valve type was originally used for road bikes. Presta valves are available in 33mm, 48mm, 60mm and 80mm.

Schrader Valves (SV)

Strong American valve system originally used for MTB tires. Advantage of this valve is that it is the same as used on car tires. Schrader valves are available in 3mm and 40mm.

Dunlop Valves (DV)

Dunlop valves are mainly used on city and trekking bikes. With the easy pumping technology the valve is virtually 100% leak-proof. Dunlop valves are available in 31mm and 40mm.

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