BBB NanoStrike 400 LED Front Light [BLS-130]


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BBB NanoStrike 400 LED Front Light [BLS-130]

Powerful, compact and efficient LED headlight

  • Headlight with unmatched power to size ratio
  • Day Flash mode (400lm) for daytime visibility
  • City mode (15lm) for a very long runtime and "get home" mode
  • Strap bracket (StrapFix, BLS-192) included. Fits on Ø22-52mm and is aerobar compatible
  • Aluminium head with AirFlow cooling system (ACS) for optimal performance
  • Memory mode: The light goes on in the last usd mode
ModesCity, Standard, High, Boost, Flash, Day Flash
Lumen Range15-400lm
BatteryUSB rechargeable Lithium Polymer, 1000mAh
Charge Time3:30h

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