BBB RollerBoys Ceramic Jockey Wheels 10T [BDP-11]


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BBB RollerBoys Ceramic Jockey Wheels 10T [BDP-11]

  • Equipped with low friction ceramic bearings for ultra-smooth glide and exceptional durability.
  • Special teeth pattern for quick shifting performance.
  • Lubricated with special ceramic light oil for extra smoothness.
  • Composite material provided by EMS Swiss, with 40% glass-fibre mixture.
  • Complete set of bushing for different shifting systems included.
Compatible with brands Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM
Part Material Grivory EMS
Bearing Material Ceramic
Gears 7, 8, 9, 10 spd
Pulley Size 10T
Narrow Wide No
Weight 22g
Colour Black

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