BBB Salute Rear Rechargeable LED Light [BLS-145]


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BBB Salute Rear Rechargeable LED Light [BLS-145]

Compact and bright rear light.

  • Day Flash mode (8lm) for daytime visibility.
  • Runtime safety mode: Extends runtime with at least 3 hours of Flash.
  • Perfect fit on seatposts due to the sloped backside.
  • StrapMount fits on Ø5-42mm and has self locking USB port for optimal waterproofness.
  • Memory mode: The light goes on in the last used mode.
ModesDay Flash, Flash, High, Low
Light sourceLED
Max burn time28 h
Max Lumen in stead mode8 lm
USB typeMicro USB
Waterproof levelIPX5

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