BBB SignalBrake Auto Brake Rear Light [BLS-167]


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BBB SignalBrake Auto Brake Rear Light [BLS-167]

Powerful, compact and efficient LED rear light with brake function.

  • Brake light technology: The G sensor activates the 50 lumen bright brake light for 2.5 seconds when you apply the brakes.
  • Universal: The light comes with a bracket that can be mounted on round and aero seat posts (Ø5-42mm). And, it's mart design means the light corrects its position to your seat post's angle.
  • Self-closing USB port: The light can be charged via USB yet remains water-tight as we've incorporated it into the strap.
  • Incredible visibility: Large surface area in front of the COB LED light ensures optimal visibility from the front and sides.
  • Excellent daytime visibility too: This light has a flash light with a whopping 50lm to make you stand out in the daytime traffic.
  • Memory mode: Ready for your next ride as it recalls the last mode used.
  • 5 different modes: Features 3 light intensities, a flash light and a day flash light to maintain good daytime visibility too.
  • Guaranteed long-lasting light: The integrated safety setting provides an additional 4 hours flash light when the light's battery is running low.
  • Innovative on/off switch: By setting the switch on the back, you simply press the whole light against the seat post to turn it on or off.
Modes:Standard, Flash, Day Flash, Park
Lumens Range:2 - 50 lumens
Run Time:2:30 - 31 hours
Battery:USB chargeable Lithium Polymer, 300 mAh
Charing Time:1:45 hours

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