BBB Spirit Front Mini LED Light [BLS-225]


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BBB Spirit Front Mini LED Light [BLS-225]

Powerful and multifunctional front light.

  • Innovative 8 LED battery indicator will show you the batter status every time your put the light ON or OFF.
  • A total of 9 functions including Steady modes, Flash and a separate loop with Party modes.
  • StrapMount fits on almost any diameter and has self locking USBf port for optimal waterproofness.
  • Memory mode: The light foes on in the last used mode.
  • Runtime Safety mode: Extends runtime with 2 hours of Flash.
Modes Dayflash, Flash, High, Low, Steady, Round Pulse, Dynamic circle, Pulse
Light source LED
Max burn time 40 hrs
Max lumen in steady mode 30
Charge time 2:00 hrs
USB type Micro USB
Waterproof level IPX7
Weight 28g
Size Universal
Colour Black

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