BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers [BWS-26]


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2989732613Black43-4466 £65.99
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BBB UltraWear Zipperless Shoe Covers [BWS-26]

Zipperless show cover for cold and wet days.

  • Zipperless solution for cold feet.
  • Made of 3mm thick neoprene with Neoskin layer on top of it. For the best protection against rain and cold.
  • Glued seams make them leakproof.
  • Higher and dryer. With a raised cuff and no zipper all weak spots of shoe covers are eliminated.
  • Reinforced parts on the heel and the nose of the shoe cover.
  • Reflective print elements on the side of the shoe cover.
Condition Extreme cold and wet days
Waterproofness Waterproof
Windproof Yes
Reflective Black
reflective area Side
Closure system Cuff
Colour Black

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