Cactus Tongue AIR Wall Mounted Bike Hanger


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Cactus Tongue AIR Wall Mounted Bike Hanger

Our beautiful new Air bike hanger is designed to suit every cyclists pocket. Made in the UK from precision formed steel, the new Air hanger is the original Cactus Tongue paired back to it's simplest form, with our core design and style principles remaining the same. This minimalist hanger will make your bike appear to float on your interior wall. The Air can be used to store a bike hung horizontally by the top tube, vertically by the handlebars or seat tube.

Cactus Tongue Air: Will hold most traditional bikes with standard width handlebars.

Cactus Tongue Air-Roadie: Designed specifically for road bikes with drop handlebars. It's 80mm shorter, holding your bike closer to the wall and taking up even less space.

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