CeramicSpeed OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Pinarello Dogma F


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CeramicSpeed OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Pinarello Dogma F

The CeramicSpeed SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) Bearing for Headsets: OHD (Optimized Headset Design), features a unique combination of an oil-encapsulated solid plastic polymer and stainless-steel materials which results in a self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, and maintenance-free bearing.

The micropores in the otherwise solid polymer evenly distribute just enough oil to keep the bearing well-lubricated, while also containing sufficient oil for it to be self-lubricating over the lifespan of the bearing – even when ridden in the harshest of conditions.

The CeramicSpeed SLT OHD Bearing is designed, developed, and hand-built in Denmark and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For more information about CeramicSpeed SLT bearings click here

This kit contains 2 x 111852 bearings.

111852 Dims

  • Inside: 40.0mm
  • Outside: 51.9mm
  • Height: 8.0mm

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