CeramicSpeed OSPWX System for SRAM Eagle Transmission Pulley Wheels


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CeramicSpeed OSPWX System for SRAM Eagle Transmission Pulley Wheels

Good things come to those who wait. With our new OSPW X for SRAM's Eagle Transmission group that's no exception. Building off a cutting-edge and acclaimed foundation has kept us on our toes, but we firmly believe we've been able to develop something that elevates SRAM's innovative group. In true CeramicSpeed fashion making something already good even better.


Combined with an entirely new cage structure utilizing increased material structure - without adding unnecessary bulk - that makes it perfectly in line with the robustness that the Eagle Transmission group is celebrated for. The true value is found in the FURTHER DRIVE Technology's ability to provide peak performance deep in races or in the season when riders need it the most.

Active Debris Remover (ADR) - Patent Pending

A unique new dust cover design that sits safely anchored in a recess in the pulley wheel, thereby completely enclosing the bearing. This is paired with a bladed groove structure that surrounds the dust cover, and dynamically extracts debris from the pulley wheel while it's rotating.

ALPHA Disc A two-piece construction.

A separate narrow-wide tooth profile produced in a composite material that offers prolonged wear protection and noise reduction. Solid aluminium disc that eliminates the potential of external objects getting stuck between the spokes of the pulley wheel, while adding strength and stiffness to the Pulley Wheel design. Faster now and faster down the line - Test of Time.

Derailleur Compatibility

  • SRAM XXSL Eagle Transmission.
  • SRAM XX Eagle Transmission.
  • SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission.
  • SRAM GX Eagle Transmission.
Cage MaterialInjection Moulded PA
PW MaterialAluminium Disc with co-moulded Ultra-Durable Composite tooth profile
PW Size14/20T
Bearing OptionCeramicSpeed Standard Bearings
CeramicSpeed GreasePulley Oil
Spring Tension Settings1
Cassette Compatibility10-52 Off-Road Gravity

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