Colnago CC01 Carbon Integrated Handlebar & Stem


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CodeStem LengthBar WidthStock SSP
3MIT.CC1.090.37C.00BK.2290mm370mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.090.39C.00BK.2290mm390mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.090.41C.00BK.2290mm410mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.100.37C.00BK.22100mm370mm1 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.100.39C.00BK.22100mm390mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.100.41C.00BK.22100mm410mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.110.37C.00BK.22110mm370mm3 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.110.39C.00BK.22110mm390mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.110.41C.00BK.22110mm410mm0 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.110.43C.00BK.22110mm430mm8 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.120.37.00BK.22120mm370mm1 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.120.39C.00BK.22120mm390mm2 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.120.41C.00BK.22120mm410mm4 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.120.43C.00BK.22120mm430mm2 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.130.41C.00BK.22130mm410mm3 £789.99
3MIT.CC1.130.43C.00BK.22130mm430mm3 £789.99

Colnago CC01 Carbon Integrated Handlebar & Stem

Colnago, together with the C68, also introduces a new integrated handlebar, made in a single piece, a real monocoque, stiff where and how it is needed and lighter than the average of similar accessories.

In addition to a particularly successful design and remarkable technical characteristics, the new cockpit has been designed to ensure the widest possible range of options for precise riding. In fact, the available measurement combinations are as many as 16.

The stem length starts from 80mm up to 140mm. Speaking instead of the handlebar width, it is important to note that the measures are not typical, proposing odd measures to replace the more traditional even measures.

The shape of each handlebar includes a small Flare. The width at the terminals is in fact wider than 2cm. A handlebar with a width of 41cm (centre/centre) measured at the levers, will have a width at the terminals of 43cm (centre/centre).

The measurements refer to the centre/centre width measured at the height of the brake lever positioning.

The handlebars have a 122mm Drop and 80mm Reach. The only size that has a different geometry is the 37, which has a Drop of 119mm, a Reach of 75mm and a Flare of 14mm.

It should be noted that the new handlebar integrates a convenient multitool into the upper lid of the stem that you will no longer have to carry in your pocket.

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