Colnago G4X 1x Carbon Gravel Complete Bike Shimano 822 1x12


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Colnago G4X 1x Carbon Gravel Complete Bike Shimano 822 1x12

A Colnago for Gravel Racing

The G4-X is the new Colnago designed for gravel racing. This model is intended to replace the G3-X, using the best of what the Cambiago-based brand has learned in its important and storied experience in off road on cyclocross and, in road racing, with the V-Series bicycles, the carbon monocoque bikes made for the UAE Emirates and UAE ADQ WorldTour Teams.

The G4-X is the product of Colnago's off-road experience, which in CX has dominated and won everything that could be won.

Some of the brand's most notable victories include those of Sven Nys, winner of six CX World Championships, and Wout Van Aert, who won two off-road World Championships with Colnago.

The concept of the G4-X is derived directly from the V4Rs, the bicycle that the UAE Emirates team and the UAE ADQ team use in the WorldTour. The two models share the design spirit and the aesthetical look.

V4Rs was designed to be the perfect point of balance of everything that a professional rider needs. The same is true for the G4-X: the optimal balance of those features requested to win races on the dirt roads.

Colnago G4X: Perfect balance of elements

It is easy to tell a bicycle by one specific number: the most aero, the stiffest, the lightest... Yet in the end, it is not one number that makes the pedalling experience.

The riding experience is the result of the perfect balance of many factors, and it is this balance that we focused on to design our fast gravel bike.

Here lays the uniqueness of a Colnago: an immediate feeling of comfort and ease with the bike, even in harsh conditions, with the confidence that you are holding a bike in the top class for lightness, responsiveness, and aerodynamics.

The G4-X is the result of optimizing all those factors that are important when you have to compete or go hard on dirt roads:

  • Handling.
  • Lightness.
  • Robustness.
  • Aerodynamics.
  • Stability.
  • Frame responsiveness.

The perfect harmony of the elements, a balanced bike. A bike that demands to be pedalled fast, without sacrificing handling and riding pleasure.

Tyre Clearance

The nominal tyre clearance of the G4-X has increased from 40 to 45mm.

Stem and handlebar

The Colnago G4-X is available either with standard two-piece stem & handlebar combination or with Colnago's integrated CC01 carbon cockpit, wide version as standard but the road version is compatible also.

Since it has a regular 1.1/8" fork steerer tube, spread compatibility with third-party solutions is guaranteed.

Mounting points

The G4-X features four riveted mounting points. Two on the standard bottle cage locations on the main triangle, plus one underneath the downtube and one on the top-tube.

Groups and compatibility

The Colnago G4-X can mount any type of electronic groupset in both single and double chainrings. In addition, it is compatible with UDH, a new universal rear derailleur hanger standard designed by SRAM.

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