Colnago Master X-Light Steel Lugged Road Frameset


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MAS-56T-AD11AD1156T1 £2,499.00
MAS-59T-LX21LX2159T1 £2,499.00
MAS-59T-PR99PR9959T2 £2,499.00

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Colnago Master X-Light Steel Lugged Road Frameset

First produced in the mid-1980s, the Master is a perennial favourite. It is the fruit of Colnago's extensive experience in steel tubing, welding, and lugged frame construction techniques. It’s entirely designed, made and chromium plated in Italy with DT15V steel. The Master offers supreme comfort thanks to the ride quality offered by the custom drawn steel tubing. The star-shaped tubes and chromed lugs combined with a 1" chrome plated steel Precisa fork make it a classic and truly elegant bicycle that offers a ride unlike anything else. Available in 16 sizes and three colour variations.

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