Dainese HGL Grass Socks


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Dainese HGL Grass Socks

HGL Grass Socks

The Dainese HGL line represents the ultimate in versatile, lightweight and breathable MTB apparel, the engineered knitted garments ensuring maximum performance in the saddle.The MTB HGL GRASS socks feature an exclusive seamless construction, which allows the sock to remain firmly in place without causing any discomfort or distraction during the longest, toughest rides.Their hybrid structure, in very soft, cool polyamide and polypropylene, is hydrophilic on the inside which absorbs sweat and facilitates its release, keeping the body dry. The outer side has hydrophobic properties, keeping any sweat and dampness out of the shirt.The knitted structure ensures maximum elasticity, adapting to any physique and allowing freedom of movement, even during the most intense activity.


Seamless MTB socks in hybrid yarn that ensure maximum stability, breathability and freedom of movement.




Knit hybrid construction 90% polyamide skinlife 10% elastane.

Technical Features

  • Seamless performance enhancer construction.
  • Reinforced heel and toes sections.
  • Medium cut.

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