Dainese HGR Pants Mens


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Dainese HGR Pants Mens

HGR Pants

The Dainese HGR line is designed to offer every rider the highest levels of stability, resistance and protection.The Dainese HGR Pants are the most resistant, high-performance MTB pants in the Dainese range. Designed to allow elasticity and great freedom of movement with their high-tenacity nylon construction, strong and elastic in its warp and weft, the pants ensure maximum protection in case of a fall.They can be adjusted at the hips in one easy step with the Slide-Fit™ closure system, doing away with any annoying straps that can affect the fit and ruin jerseys and other garments by snagging them. Essential items can be stored in two handy pockets. A pre-curved leg and anatomical back construction allow the pants to remain in place no matter how intense the activity. The lower knee is designed to prevent any annoying fluttering at high speed.The practical integrated Hook Button™ system allows the rider to secure their Dainese gloves in one fluid motion when not using them, so as not to waste time during quick stop & go phases.


The ultimate in high-performance MTB pants. Heightened resistance and freedon in all conditioons and on any route.




90% polyamide 10% elasthane.

Technical Features

  • Tapered below the knee.
  • Hybrid body-mapped construction.
  • Hook Button Gloves fastener.
  • Back anatomic profile.
  • Slide-fit closure.

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