Dainese Rival Elbow Guard R


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Dainese Rival Elbow Guard R

Rival Elbow Guards R

The Dainese Rival family of protectors is designed to offer maximum resistance and protection, and the unique freedom to ride without constraints. The Dainese Rival R elbow guard is designed to combine maximum safety with really practical use. The protection extends across the entire elbow, from the upper section to mid-forearm. Armoform technology with sliding polyethylene plates offers great impact dispersal and puncture protection. Its particular structure means that the force of an impact is dispersed across the entire surface of the protector, minimizing the energy transmitted to the knee. The sliding plate construction ensures excellent freedom of movement during every phase of activity, including during transfers. The protectors can be worn comfortably, the practical straps ensuring an excellent fit and hold.


  • MTB elbow protectors with Armoform overlapping polyethylene plate technology.
  • Great versatility and practicality.




CE EN 1621.1


Sliding polypropylene elbow and forearm plates.


  • Crash Absorb soft memory foam.
  • 100% Apigo 90% PES + 10% Elastane / 100% PES + 100% PU.

Technical Features

  • Bicep and forearm straps.

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