Dainese Rival Pro Knee Guard


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Dainese Rival Pro Knee Guard

Rival Pro Knee Guards

The Dainese Rival family of protectors is designed to offer maximum resistance and protection, and the unique freedom to ride without constraints. The Dainese Rival Pro knee guards bring the protection of steel to the world of mountain biking. This, combined with the flexibility and breathability of Pro-Shape 2.0 technology guarantees excellent freedom of movement during every phase of activity, from the most extreme descents to ascents and transfers, the wearer benefiting from the highest level of safety at all times. Without ever feeling the need to lower or remove them. The steel plate in the centre of the knee, inspired by the sliders developed by Dainese for MotoGP™ suits, offers heightened protection against any punctures from sharp objects such as rocks and roots or any high-speed impacts, its excellent slide properties useful in the case of a skid.The main protector in Pro-Shape 2.0 offers great flexibility and protection due to its carbo-elastomer construction, inspired by the geometry of auxetic materials found in nature. An open structure across 45% of the entire surface guarantees the highest levels of ventilation and comfort in every situation. In addition, external protective bolsters provide extra protection for the knee in case of a skid.Positioning and stability during every phase of activity are guaranteed by the construction, with its integrated elastic and long, perforated sock that ensures excellent ventilation and breathability across the covered area.The highest level of safety and resistance, in a protector to be worn at all times, even when climbing.


MTB knee guards with steel protector and 2.0 Pro-Shape technology. Maximum levels of resistance andprotection ensure all-round rideability.




CE EN 1621.1 Level 2


  • Pro-Shape 2.0 Protector.
  • Steel knee cap hybrid construction.


  • Jersey hole highly breathable, run-resistant mesh.
  • 100% PVC / 90% PES + 10% EA / 100% PES.

Technical Features

  • Extra wide elastic bands with silicone grippers.
  • Calf elastic band.

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