Dainese Trail Skins Air Elbow Guard


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Dainese Trail Skins Air Elbow Guard

The Trail Skins Air elbow guard is constructed around the Pro-Shape 2.0 protector, inspired by the geometry of auxetic materials present in nature that, following an impact or stress, expand in all directions simultaneously, increasing the area of coverage. The structure of the Pro-Shape 2.0 protector allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability whatever the elbow position, tracing its movements throughout all phases of activity. It absorbs 83% of the force of an impact, rather than transmitting this to the elbow. 55% of its surface area is completely open, ensuring ventilation and greater heat exchange during both the uphill and downhill phase. An ideal feature for riders who plan to take on long rides, even on the hottest of days. The elbow guard remains stable, even during intense activity, thanks to a very long transparent sleeve that extends to the bicep and a practical elastic at forearm height.


  • Extra wide elastic bands with silicone grippers.


  • Jersey hole Highly Breathable, Run-Resistant mesh.
  • 100% PVC, 90% PES - 10% EA, 100% PES.


  • Pro-Shape 2.0 Protector.


  • CE EN 1621.1.

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