DVO Jade Coil Shock Damper Only Metric


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DVO Jade Coil Shock Damper Only Metric

World Cup born, rider designed and race ready. The Jade Coil’s design mirrors the front fork delivering the perfect balance. The design of the hydraulic oil circuits make it dynamic through the entire range of compression and rebound.

  • Loader style compression: Compression circuits can easily be removed.
  • Bladder: Amazing small bump compliancy, no stiction off the top.
  • High flow emerald piston: Eliminates harshness & delivers dynamic damping.
  • Cooling fins: Keeps shock running cool even in the harshest conditions
  • Spring not included
AdjustmentsHigh and Low Speed Compression, Rebound, Spring Pre=load
FeaturesHigh Flow Jade Piston, Cooling Fins, High Quality Trelborg Seals, 12mm shaft
Hardware15mm Igus Bushings, Mounting Hardware w/ 6, 8 or 10mm options

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