DVO Topaz Gen 3 Air Shock


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CodeMetricStock SSP
223-9140-STD190 × 40mm0 £499.99
223-9142-STD190 × 42.5mm0 £499.99
223-9145-STD190 × 45mm0 £499.99
223-9150-STD210 × 50mm13 £499.99
223-9152-STD210 × 52.5mm0 £499.99
223-9155-STD210 × 55mm0 £499.99
223-9157-STD230 × 57.5mm0 £499.99
223-9160-STD230 × 60mm17 £499.99
223-9162-STD230 × 62.5mm0 £499.99
223-9165-STD230 × 65mm8 £499.99

DVO Topaz Gen 3 Air Shock

The Next Generation of Topaz

The next generation of Topaz is here. The updated variation of our do-it-all air shock is designed to meet the gruelling demands of the modern rider with a 27% stronger inner shaft. The new housing is designed around a transverse reservoir layout to aid in oil flow and achieve more frame clearance. The updated bladder system provides unmatched small bump sensitivity that’s externally tuneable.

The Topaz Gen 3 is available in metric and trunnion sizes with T3 compression, dynamic rebound, positive and negative volume adjustment, and adjustable bladder pressure. The shock comes in its own reusable carrying case, and includes a shock pump and quick-clip volume spacers.

The Topaz Air Series is our highly tuneable family of air shocks, suitable for e-mtb, cross country, trail and enduro bikes. The Topaz Air Series provides straightforward adjustability with adjustable low-speed rebound and T3 Compression for 3 quick compression settings for whatever terrain lays ahead. For finer tuning, quick-clip volume spacers easily adjust the positive and/or negative air spring. The reservoir has an adjustable bladder to change ride characteristics based on rider’s preference.


  • T3 compression switch.
  • Low speed rebound adjustment.
  • Bladder pressure adjustment.
  • Adjustable positive and negative volume via spacers.
  • Durable water-transfer decal.
  • Cooling fins on reservoir.

In the box

  • DVO hard-shell case.
  • Shock pump.
  • User guide.
  • AVR volume spacers.


Damper Features:T3 compression, rebound, bladder pressure adjustment
Spring Features:Adjustable positive and negative volume via spacers
Metric Sizes:190 × 40mm
190 × 42.5mm
190 × 45mm
210 × 50mm
210 × 52.5mm
210 × 55mm
230 × 60mm
230 × 62.5mm
230 × 65mm
Trunnion Sizes:165 × 40mm
165 × 42.5mm
165 × 50mm
185 × 50mm
185 × 52.5mm
185 × 55mm
205 × 60mm
205 × 62.5mm
205 × 65mm

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