FSA Powerbox Carbon MTB ABS 392Evo 1x11 Chainset


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CodeRing SizeLengthStock SSP
328-000343503032T175mm1 £1,039.99
328-000347503034T175mm0 £1,039.99
328-000301303036T170mm0 £1,039.99
328-000301503036T175mm1 £1,039.99

FSA Powerbox Carbon MTB ABS 392Evo 1x11 Chainset

  • Convertible spider design for different chainring and chainline configurations
  • Hollow carbon composite arms with UD finsih
  • BB392Evo 30mm AL7050 alloy axle fits every MTB frame (purchase BB separately)
  • AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
  • Thick-Thin tooth design for maximum chain engagement
  • Fits shimano and Sram 11-12 speed system
  • Including R/L Balance and Bluetooth
  • Length: 170, 175mm
  • BCD: 96/38mm
  • 32, 34, 36 & 38T
  • UD carbon arms CNC detailed, bead blasted anodized black DM chainring
  • Colour graphic options: grey
  • Weight: 789g

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