Granite STASH RT Ratchet Multi-Tool 9pcs with Steerer Housing


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Granite STASH RT Ratchet Multi-Tool 9pcs with Steerer Housing

The Granite Stash range is a three-part system with innovative ways to store tools on your bike. It comprises the Multi-Tool which fits inside your steerer tube, and also a Chain Tool / Tyre Plug which fit either end of your handlebars. Each part of the system is sold separately.

The Granite Stash-RT Multi-Tool fits in your steerer tube. Please note that it differs from the standard Granite Stash Multi-Tool.

Firstly, it has a slimmer design than the Stash, which means that Stash-RT is compatible with almost all forks, including those where the inside of the steerer tube is tapered. (If you are unsure about fitment, please contact your fork manufacturer).

Secondly, the Stash-RT utilises a two way ratchet system which fits compactly with its 9 tool bits, as opposed to the conventional style multi-tool of the Stash.

Spring loaded tool secures all parts snugly and makes them easy to access. Stash-RT cycle computer mounts for Garmin, Bryton and Wahoo devices are available to purchase separately. (Cycle computer mounts are not available for the standard Stash).

Available in black or orange.

Tools include:

  • Allen key bits 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.
  • Torx 25 bit.
  • Two- way ratchet.
  • PH1 ratchet extension for hard to reach bolts.


  • Fits tapered steerer tubes.
  • Fits 1.1/8” straight steerer tubes.
  • Only suitable for bikes with a length of 150mm to 250mm from bottom of steerer tube (fork crown) to top of steerer tube (top of stem).
  • Not compatible with road bikes.


  • Total weight of Granite steerer tube system and Multi-Tool 159g.


Stash Tyre Plug and Stash Chain Tool are available separately.

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