Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube MTB Cyclo Cross


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Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube MTB Cyclo Cross


This high quality silicone spray for bike applications to increase service time and to reduce friction. Extra Dry Lube protects the chain and gear with a thin adhesive film which repels water and dirt. Contains dry-lubricating additives


Apply the Morgan Blue Extra Dry Lube on the chain to protect with a dry, antistatic film. Repeat the treatment regularly. The silicone spray protects the chain from pollution by dirt or dust. This is the ideal solution for cyclo cross and MTB –purposes. This prevents oxidation (is not a polish). Shake well before use.

Properties and advantages

  • Highly waterproof/repellent
  • Repels dirt, dust and moisture
  • Consistent protecting properties in cold and hot conditions

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