Ohlins RXF36 M.2 Air TTX18 MTB Suspension Fork 29"


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29"44mm140mm0 £1,150.00
29"44mm150mm0 £1,150.00
29"44mm160mm2 £1,150.00
29"44mm170mm1 £1,150.00
29"51mm170mm0 £1,150.00

Ohlins RXF36 M.2 Air TTX18 MTB Suspension Fork 29"

Built around our race-proven TTX18 cartridge, this lighter and super progressive fork is made for tough trails and enduro racing.

The race winning TTX18 damping from our DH38 Race Fork has been reworked to bring its renowned levels of traction and control for use on the trail and enduro circuit. The TTX18 cartridge kit features a trail-optimized 18mm piston that now adds ultra-sensitive tracking over small bumps to the superbly capable package.

With increased damping pressure bandwidth, the damping valve response and sensitivity greatly exceeds our original RXF36 fork to give unrivalled traction control and ultra-consistent performance—no matter how tough the trail gets.

Basic set-up of the RXF36 m.2 fork is simple to dial in—see the video below to find out how. Once complete, you'll immediately appreciate the super-plush feel that gives outstanding levels of comfort over long demanding rides and maintains momentum over root and rock-strewn trails—allowing you to stay completely in tune with your bike. The RXF36 m.2's superb levels of confidence inspiring traction and control will encourage you to push your bike harder than ever before.

The RXF36 m.2's adjustment range is specifically designed for tough trails and enduro races, giving 15 clicks of low-speed compression and low-speed rebound for total suspension control. For high-speed compression, you get three clicks plus a climb mode setting. Clicker dials make for easy on-the-fly, tool-free adjustments.

The retuned, twin piston, three chamber air-spring system allows you to completely dial-in the level of progression—from the initial movement, right through to the bottom out. The air spring is cartridge based, so you can easily change between coil and air spring cartridges if desired.

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