Ohlins TTX1Air MTB Rear Shock


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Ohlins TTX1Air MTB Rear Shock

A high-performing and robust air sprung shock, the TTX1Air offers the same exceptional trail-smoothing capabilities as our double-can TTX2Air but comes in a slimmer and lighter single-can size.

Designed for trail bikes and eMTBs with more linear suspension systems, the TTX1Air is a versatile choice for riders looking for a lighter or more compact shock that offers outstanding performance along with the highest level of tuning options. The TTX1Air delivers the unrivalled sensitivity, control and flawless all-conditions damping that TTX products have built their reputation on.

Initial set-up of the TTX1Air shock is really easy to do—check out the video below to learn how. Once complete, you'll immediately appreciate the super-plush feel that increases comfort over long, demanding rides and maintains your momentum over roots and rocks—allowing you to stay completely in tune with your bike. The TTX1Air's superb levels of confidence inspiring traction and control will encourage you to push your bike harder than ever before.

The compact design makes the TTX1Air 60-80 grams lighter than the TTX2Air, while a new slim-fit end-eye means that it's compatible with a wider number of frame designs. We've also increased the maximum air pressure capacity to handle a larger range of riders and the additional demands of e-MTB bikes.

The TTX1Air combines the superior damping function of our TTX system together with a low friction air-spring. The twin-tubed design enables two-way oil flow through the piston and the double tubes. With the ability to extensively tune the pressure when the oil passes the compression and rebound valves, we have created a well-balanced and extremely predictable damper. This results in a highly effective range of clicks enabling you to easily dial-in the shock and achieve the perfect suspension set-up.

The TTX1Air upgrades an already proven package of damping performance. The metric system design has also allowed us to increase the bushing overlap, making it more robust and improving side load protection. Our wiper seal and air sleeve lubrication technology minimizes friction and delivers outstanding performance that resists fading between service intervals.

Just like every product fitted with TTX damping technology, the TTX1Air has a race-proven settings bank giving access to a huge range of options for tuning the damper to suit any specific rider, bike or riding style.


  • 165 x 45 mm.
  • Highly adjustable TTX compression valve technology.
  • Single-can design optimized for linear linkage designs and tighter frame spaces.
  • Compact end eye design for better compatibility with a wider range of frame designs.
  • Adjustable HSC (high-speed compression) and LSC (low-speed compression).
  • Adjustable rebound damping.
  • Climb mode.
  • Race-proven setting bank to suit any type of riding or linkage design.
  • Air spring volume spacers included as standard in the shock kit.
  • Maximum air pressure up to 300 PSI.
  • Delivered with the longest stroke, plus the additional parts required to alter the stroke.

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