Transition TBC PNW MTB Gloves


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Transition TBC PNW MTB Gloves

For our signature Party in The Woods gloves we’ve partnered up with North Carolina based Handup Gloves. They make “light weight, minimalist, cycling gloves best used for grabbing bars and beers."

Our subtle TR branded, neutral colored gloves let people know what team you’re on without looking like you’re headed to the local moto track. Guaranteed to elevate you levels all day! Best paired with an ice cold Party iN the Woods Session IPA or your favorite frosty beverage.

  • 4-way stretch, lightweight mesh on the back of the hand
  • Stretch cuff to easily pull on and off gloves without fumbling for a strap
  • Durable, single layer Clarino leather palm for maximum bike feel and no extra material bunching up
  • Laser cut ventilation holes on palm for breathability
  • Silicone printed graphics on the palms for extra grip so you'll never drop that frosty beverage or muddy handlebars
  • HUGE towel sweat cloth on the thumb for wiping away your dirt-stache or foamy upper lip

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