Urge Nimbus Kids MTB Helmet


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UBP21150YBlack51-55cm1 £44.95

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Urge Nimbus Kids MTB Helmet

Serious business starts with the Nimbus. A helmet that nothing to envy from the current best MTB helmets, it's simply adapted to kid size and morphology.

The in-mould construction gives it safety, lightweight and maximum ventilation. The ring system allows for a quick and easy adjustment, even for kids. Finally, its look directly inspired by the pro riders clearly shows its owner's intentions, to follow the best and the older riders. It's the helmet for the real young mountain bikers who wants performance and fun.

VisorHard in recycled ABS
Vents13 ventilations
Eco Friendly Index6/7
Weight235 gr
Retention systemYes
ShellRecycled EPS
SizingKids 51-55cm
ConstructionIn Mould
StrapsRecycled PET
ColoursBlack, Green

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