Classified Cycling are Belgian high-end powershift drivetrain experts. The founders and core members of Classified have a strong automotive background with a track record of developing and commercializing mechatronic transmissions.

With 10+ years of passion for innovation, performance and bicycle (drivetrain) technology, they thrive in competitive environments.

The tech company based in Antwerp (BE) and Eindhoven (NL) now has 38 full time employes internally and with their unique patented technology "Powershift", are racking up an increasing number of OEM partners globally.

With over 300 international dealers and ex-world champion investors, Classified is set to revolutionise the way we see bicycle design today.

“A 2-speed hub that solves the issues of both 1x and 2x drivetrains.

The opportunity to reduce aerodynamic drag, improve shift performance, and reduce the potential for dropped chains all without adding weight seems like a no-brainer”.
Cycling Weekly
“It’s so quick it takes you by surprise, with none of the delay of even the very best front mechs”.
Bike Radar
“One of the most intriguing products we've seen in recent years”
POWERSHIFT TECHNOLOGY is a wireless shifting technology that allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load. Its first application is the Powershift hub, which replaces the front derailleur. The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.
No small chainrings.
Avoid 45% higher chain forces. Bigger is better.
No cross chaining.
Increase efficiency with straighter chainlines.
No front derailleur.
Significantly reduce aero drag.
Shift Button
A shifter or a satellite shift button will trigger a shift and is attached to the Smart Handlebar Unit, sending out a wireless signal.
Smart Thru Axle
The Smart Thru Axle receives the wireless shift signal and will trigger the hub to shift using contactless energy transfer.
Powershift Hub
The Powershift hub, when receiving the signal, will shift between 2 ratios. Read more about gear ratios.
"Classified's POWERSHIFT Technology is revolutionary"
— Marcel Kittel
The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x. It's the most efficient drivetrain in the market.
Instant Shifting
150 milliseconds, that's all it takes.
Ultimate Gear Coverage
24 gears, small steps, up to 530% of gearing range.
Shifting Under Full Load
Up to 1000 watts.
Ultimate Efficiency
Gain efficiency in all conditions.
No need to worry about dirt or rain.
Competitive weight
Equally light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset.

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