BBB CurvePack Saddle Bag L [BSB-13]


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BBB CurvePack Saddle Bag L [BSB-13]

A decent saddlebag for every decent rider.

  • High-end curved saddlebag for the best and most natural position under the saddle.
  • Blue interior for optimal visibility of the contents.
  • With mounting strap for a LED rear light.
Waterproofness Water resistant
Bag position Saddle
Bag material Nylon, Polyester, Tarpaulin
Closing system Zipper
Mounting type T-buckle
Easy-to-mount/remove Yes
Reflection Yes
Volume S (0.36L), M (0.52L), L (0.69L)
Dimensions S (75 x 75 x 140mm)
M (85 x 85 160mm)
L (90 x 100 x 160mm)
Size S, M, L
Colour Black

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