BBB SealTank Top Tube Bag [BSB-62]


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BBB SealTank Top Tube Bag [BSB-62]

Bags specifically designed to mount on your top tube.

  • Waterproof fabric for optimal safety of the content.
  • Waterproof zipper for extra security and absolutely rattle-free.
  • Welded seams for better waterproof security.
  • Blue interior for optimal visibility of the contents.
  • Mounting by velcro straps or bolts.
Bag TypeBike Packing
Bag PositionTop Tube
Bag MaterialWaterproof Hypalon, 600D TPU coated Nylon
Closing SystemZipper
Mounting TypeVelcro
Easy InstallationYes
WaterproofnessWater Repellent
Size210 x 51 x 75mm

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