Cactus Tongue SSL Wall Mounted Bike Hanger


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Cactus Tongue SSL Wall Mounted Bike Hanger

Stainless steel and leather wall mounted bike hanger. Beautifully made from curved stainless steel and detailed with leather contact pads that cushion your top tube or handlebar with reassuring softness. The Cactus Tongue SSL wall mounted single bike holder is an indoor bike hanger that oozes class while at the same time simply solving the problem of indoor bicycle storage.

  • Made from formed stainless steel, combining strength and timeless looks that will fit with any décor.
  • Choice of hand stitched leather contact pads available in:
  • Classic Black, Jaune (yellow), Rosso (red) Rosa (pink), Cobolto (blue), Arogosta (orange) Brown and Grey leather.
  • Suitable for most bikes with a horizontal or slightly sloping crossbar.
  • Supports almost any bike hung vertically by the handlebars or via the seat post.
  • Allows basic maintenance to be performed.
  • Keyhole slot system for easy installation, removal and re-mounting. (Fixing screws provided).
  • Max dimensions: 19 cm W x 27 cm H x 38 cm D (projection from wall).
  • Max safe load when correctly fixed: 20kg.

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