Dainese Scarabeo Juniour Safety Shorts V2


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Dainese Scarabeo Juniour Safety Shorts V2

The Scarabeo Pro Shorts are ultra-lightweight and breathable, designed to protect young riders wherever the path takes them. Their structure, in very lightweight and well-ventilated polyamide and polyethylene, is designed to help wick sweat, keeping the rider dry throughout every phase of the ride, even on the hottest of days and during the most intense activity. The pads on the outside of the thighs are developed to ensure added protection in case of any sliding along the ground. The seat lining has contained dimensions and is designed to perfectly adapt to the latest generation of MTB saddle. Applied with minimal seams, it ensures maximum comfort during the ride, particularly on steep routes where friction with the fabric can be more bothersome. Leaving riders free to fully express themselves like champions.


  • RIBBO Growth adapting system.


  • Hybrid yarn construction for a better moisture management.
  • Knit body mapped construction.


  • Side protection bolsters.

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